Refund Policy

How can I return goods after purchase?
Please contact them either by sending a email at or call us at (+91) 9711467727 and they will help you initiate the return process. Before returning the product, please first speak to a representative on 9711467727 or mail at, without which we will not be able to process the refund and the product will be retuned back to the customer.

Will I have to pay for shipping charges on product returned?
Shipping Charges on product returned are absolutely free if the reason for return is genuine and authentic.

Within how many days will the Seller review the damaged product received from the customer and by when the Seller will deliver the replacement of product?
Within 10 working days of receiving the product, the Seller will review the product and it will be replaced between 15-21 working days after reviewing it.

By when can I return the product?
Within 48 hours of delivery, we would need to be notified of the Damaged / Defective product with proper images sent to our email id- Refund will be provided only in case replacement for the same product is not available.

What point should be taken care for returning the Goods?
The returned product should be in the same condition that you had received; in its original unused packaging. Each product has a designated SKU number which should be clearly visible and not tampered. Within 48 hours of delivery, you need to inform us of any damages/ defects in order to receive the replacement.

Can my order be cancelled from side?
YES it can be cancelled, provided:

Our Quality Check department rejects the product

Our vendors do not have the product stocked with them

Desired shipping location does not exist with our delivery agent

What do I do if product is damaged upon delivery?
Please do not accept the product if you find it tampered or damaged. Contact our customer care at (+91) 9711467727 or write  email at will either send you a refund or replace the product subject to availability of the product.

If the Customer pays twice for ONE transaction, in how many days will he gets his refund?
There are 2 ways of refunding the customer:

The amount will be credited in the customer’s MaddHome account within 48 hours and the amount has to be consumed by him by purchasing the product(s) on Maddhome website within 30 days

The money will be refunded by the same method that the customer had used while making the transaction within 21 working days

How much time it takes to get my refunds?
From the day we receive the product in its original packaging, it would take 7working days. It includes the time taken to complete the refund process from but excludes any delay from Bank/ Card issuer part or delivery time in case of cheque refunds. Alternatively, we can credit the same amount in your account at with 48 hours from the time you have intimated us for the refund on the purchase of the product. This credited amount has to be used with a span of 30 days to purchase any goods from

In what way will I get my refunds?
All refunds except the cash payments will be done through the same process of transaction made for purchase. Refunds for cash payments will be done through an account payee cheque in the customer’s name or through online transfer to the customer’s bank account.